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Situated amid the beautiful landscape of Northwest Ireland is Eagles Flying, home to the largest sanctuary for birds of prey and owls in the country. Come join us for the fantastic and memorable experience of majestic raptors soaring over one of the most lovely locations to be found.

Experience some of the biggest birds of prey in the world flying close over your head. Watch different species of eagles hunting on prey-dummies in their natural environment. Be astonished about the arrowlike flight of the falcons and the amazing intelligence of the vultures.

During the Flying Demonstrations scientists share with you the biology of the raptors and their important role in nature and questions will gladly be answered.

Educating you about these birds also means safeguarding these endangered species for future generations as you will learn how to do your part in protecting our Nature

The IRISH RAPTOR RESEARCH CENTRE is a scientifically managed sanctuary for Birds of Prey and Owls.

Situated on 27 hectares, the sanctuary is home to about 350 animals out of 71 species.

Established in 1999 the centre was originally set up for research purposes only, but as a consequence of increasing interest and local awareness, it was decided to open parts of the centre to visitors.
In the summer of 2003 EAGLES FLYING introduced its birds to the first eager visitors and numbers continue to increase every year.
The Eagles Flying Show is both fun and educational for the whole family! The scientists on hand present information on each of the birds and raptors in general and if you ever had a question about a bird of prey - well, here you go - just ask!

As the sanctuary became better known, people from all over started bringing in injured birds and other helpless wildlife. We try to heal all these patients and if possible return them to their natural home.
This hospital and rehabilitation sector is now the most time consuming and labour intensive department at the centre.

We cooperate with international Zoos breeding endangered species for reintroduction-programmes.
In 2007 the Irish Raptor Research Centre / Eagles Flying received the accreditation as EU-Zoo

Flying Demonstrations at 11 a.m. & 3 p.m daily lasting for approximately 60 minutes each.

Enjoy the thrill of raptors flying closely over your head or landing right beside you. Some of them even allow to be touched - but ask one of the birds trainers before!
Never again you will be that close to a bird of prey.

Different groups of these birds have special ways to fly and hunt. Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Vultures and Owls will demonstrate their unique skills.

During the Flying Demonstrations scientists will inform you about the biology of the birds of prey and their important role in nature.

Group tours are welcome as per show we can provide seating for more than 550 people

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